A closer look at our loft products: the Media Cabinet.

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ermesponti sketch

ermesponti – the architectural firm within an artisan laboratory, as they describe themselves in their website – is one fundamental partner of the Design-Apart project.

A relevant portion of the furniture and of the loft project itself is to be credited to their end-to-end approach (from the first idea to the turnkey interior), which allowed the renovation of the loft to be done in just a few weeks, last summer.

Today we focus our post on one piece of furniture that symbolizes the 100% customization approach that Design-Apart is able to provide, thanks to its producers and to its overall vision of personalization through the finest handicraft work available in the world: the one that made Italian Artisans famous.

The piece of furniture we’re actually talking about is the Media Cabinet of our loft, which is:

– designed purposely for our living showroom

– made to measure (as you notice, it fits the ceiling perfectly)

– built directly inside the premises

Here you can compare the 3D rendering of the entrance hall (above picture) with a photo taken after the opening (below picture)…

ermesponti media cabinet (rendering)

media cabinet by ermesponti

The main feature of this  cabinet is that it’s simply impossible to move it  from here.

This cabinet is like a bespoke suit: it’s been designed for this specific location (site-specific) and it’s been built-to-order for it.

It can be considered as an  expression of the strong relations between ermesponti’s bespoke furniture and the loft interiors.

The main reasons why ermesponti designed such a piece of wooden architecture was to cover the freight elevator (while creating a service room in between) and underline the entrance axis from the the main elevator.

And more… the cabinet is not a free-standing one, and it’s not simply an ordinary made-to-measure one, but it’s strongly tied with the loft structure and systems.

The AC system pipes run inside it.

It is also aligned with one of the main beam of the ceiling and you can just imagine how difficult it’s been to maintain beam and cabinet on flush.

But let’s go on with further details.

The portal

The portal is made of Italian walnut stripes, cut by hand and put together to give a strong and impressive character to the first view in front of the main entrance.

The entrance axis is underlined by a small piece of fine Italian cabinetry placed in the centre of a big niche made of two doors of glass sandwich with a row fabric of 100% linen inside.

The very sculptural surface of the portal has no handle, but a piece of solid wood sticking out, much more adequate.


The hinges

The doors of the cabinet, as you can imagine, are really heavy. Each door has special tie rods on its back to avoid the sagging:


For this reason ermesponti have designed and produced a series of custom hinges, which you can see in the picture below:

MC hinges

The functionality

The media cabinet contains all the cables and the electrical devices of the loft.

Besides containing all these wires and pipes, it also hides the freight elevator and a small room, that can be used in a number of ways.

A designer’s view

On a final note, we share the view of ermesponti’s architect Daniela Podda on this custom-made realisation:

This cabinet fully expresses ermesponti’s approach to bespoke interiors and architecture: beauty comes from a solving problem attitude, which actually transforms problems in opportunities, to create a beautiful interior space.

This is the very first lesson of our Italian architectural culture; Venustas (architectural beauty) comes from Utilitas (functionality) and Firmitas (Stability), as Vitruvius teaches us in his “De Architectura“.

The entire 2,500 sqf Chelsea apartment we live in is customized with this level of detail and fine work.

Stay tuned to discover more!