A closer look at our loft products: the mattress.

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When your bed features an extraordinary material that has been used by such noteworthy furniture designers and architects as HumanScale, Jacuzzi, Saporiti, and Vitra, you may be tempted to flaunt your bed as a showpiece.

And this is exactly what we do at our loft.

We enjoy the stylish look of Technogel’s design pieces, as benches and headboards, and we also rest, sleep and dream on cutting-edge Technogel mattresses and pillows.

Technogel® Sleeping is a high-end collection of sleeping products, designed in Italy and featuring the patented gel technology that has become world-renowned for its cooling, rejuvenating effects.

Celebrities, professional athletes, successful doctors and a growing community of people who value the essential role of sleep are raving about how Technogel® has improved their relaxation and overall wellbeing.

The history of Technogel® dates back to 1990 in Italy when Massimo Losio founded Royal Medica to use the patented gel material to relieve the nagging discomfort of individuals bound to wheelchairs and hospital beds.

Losio’s passion and the stress-relieving benefits of Technogel® quickly drove expansion of its applications as a component in luxury bicycle seats, office furniture, footwear, contemporary art and interior design.

After years of research and design refinements, Technogel® has cultivated its own brand of gel mattresses and pillows that redefine the concept of restful sleep in an innovative and stylish design.