A closer look at our loft products: the Kitchen.

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Design-Apart Kitchen by TM Italia

Whoever comes by to visit us in our Chelsea loft in New York appreciates both the looks and the functionalities of our kitchen, designed and realised by our partner from Ascoli Piceno TM Italia.

It may occur to you that – depending on the time of the day and the occasion – the kitchen may or may nor reveal itself.

As a matter of fact, a touch on the remote control pulls out the cooking platform just when you need it, and the surrounding wooden walls are cabinets or storage compartments that you cannot recognize as such unless they are open (and at that point, they let you see interiors just as beautiful as the outside).

Such a result isn’t easy to achieve, and it takes a company able to support University Research,  to test all kind of materials for kitchen making,  to engineer any kind of special kitchen summing up the know-how of all kind of artisanal masters, together with advanced technological vision.

Let’s pinpoint why the TM Italia kitchen should arise your attention:

1 – It’s fully engineered for this site-specific realization (a phase that can be done in as little as 60 days)

2 – It takes advantage of artisanal mastership and technological applications, to a point that lets you interact with it by actioning a remote control

3 – Its functionality is conceived to perform in an ideal way inside the loft, with full performance but also 100% esthetic integration with the context

This is how Mr. Gianluca Tondi of TM Italia describes his company’s creature:

In this kitchen we can see an ancient Italian Master and a young brilliant technologist, working together for the most advanced possibile result: unique beauty, perfect functionality, high handicraft value. 

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Design Apart-TMitalia-2
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