We are a unique platform: a network of some of the finest Italian manufacturers working with local architects and designers to bring to life exciting and challenging projects.
Bespoke, for us, goes beyond handmade and custom. It’s the dynamic product of a relationship between people, ideas and materials.

Custom Interiors

We bring you the highest quality bespoke Italian Design including custom kitchens, bathrooms, millwork, furniture and lighting.
Whether you are a homeowner, an architect or a designer, we will work with you to create truly unique and functional interiors to reflect your vision and lifestyle.

Made in Italy

Our team spent a year traveling through Italy in an effort to bring together  some of Italy’s most talented designers and manufacturers.
Marrying expert craftsmanship with century-old traditions and advanced technologies, our partners produce some of the finest and most innovative pieces of Italian Design.

Living Showroom

We strongly believe that design should be experienced and shared. And we do just that with our living showrooms. There is no greater testimony to the high quality and timelessness of our products than to see them in the space they were designed for.