After its debut at Milan Design Week, Louie lamp landed in New York and today it’s featured on the New York Times!

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When we met the architect David Nosanchuk for the first time and we told him about our project and the potentials of Design-Apart’s manufacturers, we couldn’t imagine that we were inspiring the creation of a unique lamp like Louie.

Louie is a 3D printed LED illuminated pendant lamp. The first inspiration for the project was David’s fascination with New York’s Bayard-Condict building by Louis Sullivan, father of American Modernism.

The project started off by scanning the entire landmarked building façade, then selecting a detail of the entry cornice with the support of .Exnovo engineers to explore as the “3D printed light.” At first, the design intent was to translate a stone floral capital into a thin translucent skin that could be internally illuminated.
Yet, the design intent changed in the midst of scanning the digital model. David discovered that the data collected during the scan was showing a highly structured and organic geometry. The data collected during the scan and shown in the computer model was a concert of points and lines, a history of the scanning process, and a complex flowing drawing.
So Nosanchuk asked .Exnovo if a diameter could be assigned to the lines of the scanning map to then be 3D printed.
And the answer was yes.

“It was an open lattice with no boundaries, a simultaneous space that could hold and pass light, perfectly suited to the 3D printing process and engineering artisanship of .Exnovo”, says Nosanchuk.

The making of CAPTURE INSTALLATION with Big Louie lamp - Collective Design Fair
The making of CAPTURE INSTALLATION with Big Louie lamp – Collective Design Fair

In collaboration with Design-Apart and with the help of .Exnovo, the owner of the restored Sullivan building in New York and Smart Geometrics, a 3D scanning company in Washington, DC, the project Louie was born.
The prototype of Louie was presented in Milan at Fuorisalone last year, but the model continued to be studied and finalized for the following months.

Big Louie at its debut in Milan - Fuorisalone 2016
Big Louie at its debut in Milan – Fuorisalone 2016

Few weeks ago Big Louie, the big-version of this lamp, was showcased on preview during Milan Design Week 2016 and it became part of one of Triennale’s exhibitions, New Craft (April – September 2016, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan).
This week Louie lamp finally landed in New York on the occasion of Collective Design Fair and today it is mentioned on the New York Times by Julie Lasky.

We are really proud of having been the promoter of the professional synergy between our friend David and our partner .Exnovo, because these kind of collaborations are the starting point to inspire and make possible the creation of unique objects like Louie.