CasaMatera Project on Preview in Milan before London Official Launch

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 A few months ago when we started our project in Matera, we shared our believe with the entire team that small and medium enterprises cannot become international by only sending their products to global cities around the world.That’s simply not enough.We learned from our experience that each step, from the briefing to the development and concepts to the production, involves international minds working together with excellent Italian manufacturers. This will more likely result in a modern sense of what the market wants and succeed internationally.When we started our week in Matera, we went to visit the different companies that Sviluppo Basilicata incorporated into the projects. We collaborated with the designers on a series of products that opened our eyes to something bigger: we saw that each artisan could contribute uniquely and effectively. Everyone fit the puzzle. 



We shared our ideas and strategy and we all agreed that we needed to find a common purpose under which we could all unify. Our goal was to make the whole project stronger and more cohesive. Because everyone was coming from different trades and backgrounds, we determined it was necessary to settle on one main theme. This direction had to remain very open because we were unsure of what the possibilities of development were.




While walking around the Old Center, it became quite natural to think about the original characteristics of this old and extraordinary town: we were surronded by uniqueness. We decided that Matera itself, its heritage, could be an amazing starting point. Something that struck us was how natural light defined Matera’s layout for domestic living.

From there, the concept of CasaMatera was born…




We’re now proud to announce the preview of CasaMatera project, today at Teatro Parenti in Milan: we’ll attend the contest Milano Design Award and we will show an emotional video about the workshop we did in Matera last September. The official launch will come soon, in London, where we’ll present CasaMatera at May Design Series.

We’d like to thank all the protagonists who took part at this beautiful journey, especially the Artisans/Manufactureres from Matera 01 Design, LadyCucine, Calia, Polform, Ebanisteria Gurrado, Mancini Artigianato Artistico and Designers Gio Tirotto, John Pepe Studio, Katerina Kopytina, Spalvieri Del Ciotto Studio and Hiroomi Tahara: great job!