Come ‘n’ make an insanely great sofa with us: New York crowdcrafting event #sofa4manhattan, March 29th.

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Berto Italian Master Artisan in sofa making

Italian handcrafted sofas by our partner Berto Salotti have one special characteristic.

They are – as someone would say – insanely great.

And this saturday, March 29th, you are going to know why.

Not by someone telling you.

Not by  someone showing you.

By you making it.

Yessir: we are letting you, and everyone interested, put your own hands into the making of one special sofa, purposely designed to be the ideal sofa for manhattan by a team of 12 top designers.

Newyorkers will be able to work side by side with Italian Master Artisans flying in to NYC for this workshop, and you’ll be amazed how interesting can be to experience century-old crafting techniques and artisanal abilities.

Italian Artisan Sofa Maker BertoDon’t miss this chance, and save this date:

March 29th, from 10 am to 6 pm, W 110 25th street, 2nd floor, New York NY.

The Master Artisans from Berto Salotti will make us try the magic of making with our own hands something unique, as special as 100% handmade craftmanship can be.