Design-Apart interviews Gaetano Pesce.

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Pesce e la PesceCappa

As we host Mr. Pesce’s new Elica Hood “PesceCappa” first presentation in the US today, we are glad to share the famous designer’s views , both related to this project and to design in general.

Design-Apart: PesceCappa is a design object with strong personality. How did you get the very idea of it?

Gaetano Pesce: I thought of it thinking about the material we all work in the kitchen, and the relationship between the place in which this work taks place and the things you do there.

D-A: In what kind of kitchen do you see PesceCappa better?


G. P.: In every kitchen.


D-A: Did PesceCappa’s technical aspects limit somehow the artistic side of the project?


G. P.: Not at all, but I have to admit that it has not been possible to express the taste, as one of the five senses.


D-A: Most kitchens, nowadays, are boring and banal. Will PesceCappa shake up the contemporary kitchen concept?


G. P.: Yes I would say so. It does by evoking our kitchens identities through the materials we cook, freeze, fry…


D-A: Does PesceCappa have a message for designers and architects?


G. P.: Yes: Open your mind, the time of minimalism is over, good for our grandparents memories!