From Design to Product in two months, with the best artisan quality you can imagine. A Miracle?

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We are still excited about the crowdcrafting session that took place here in our loft on March 29th, last saturday.

Aside from the super-handsome result, of which we’ll get back later – once again we have proven evidence that the ability of the Italian Master Artisans partners of Design-Apart can carry out the whole process of concept – design – production in as little as two months, whereas normal, standard productions we all know takes 8-10 months at the least.

And the quality has no comparison: everything our friends over at Berto’s and the other partners’ is 100% handmade, with high-quality artisan techniques and materials.

What our partners are able to accomplish is exactly what makes Italian Manufacturers the most appreciated in the world, i.e. the ability of making things:

    • with highest quality
    • in shorter time
    • fully customized

Why should you go for anything less, paying the same price?

We are not speaking of unreachable price level here, but normal quality product pricing: and with noticeable quality differences.

Besides, on this specific project, it is interesting to notice how Italian Master artisans have worked nicely in a co-creation, open mode, in two steps:

– January 2014: co-design session with 12 talented New York-based designers, who tackled the ambitious brief of designing the ideal sofa for Manhattan (hence the name #sofa4manhattan)

– March 2014: crowdcrafting session, open to designers, makers and normal citizens

The result is a very nice couch, totally handmade, designed by top talents Joe Graceffa, Lera Moiseeva and Luca Nichetto (supervisor), in no longer than two months.

A miracle? No, Italians.

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