[Deferred] March 15th: you are invited to the first sofa crowdcrafting workshop of New York: sofa4manhattan!

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[UPDATE – Unfortunately, an essential piece of the prototype sent over from Italy for the workshop got lost at the airport. We must postpone the crowd-crafting session. New dates will be shared soon, so please stay tuned! – More info here]

We are very excited to announce the first sofa-crowdcrafting project in New York: #sofa4manhattan, in partnership with Italian Master Artisan  Berto, the Design-Apart producer some of you Architects and Designers have already met during the Design Workshop in January.

As announced, we are now ready for the second part of the project: when the piece of funiture – a sofa designed by a high-class team, here in our loft – will be actually constructed.

We’ll share with you the pleasure of creating the ideal Manhattan sofa which came to fruition at the Design-Apart showroom after a workshop with 2 international and 10 local designers.

The chosen design was fashioned by Valeria Moiseeva and Joe Graceffa with coordination by Luca Nichetto.

The way we will realize the sofa is an experiment in itself, because it will involve whoever feels like trying the experience of crafting a real artisanal handicraft, fully made by hand, together with the Italian Master Artisans flying in from Italy for this workshop.

Don’t miss the chance to participate in the crowd-crafting session  to make the sofa with Berto and Design-Apart teams, this coming Saturday March 15th, from 10 am to 6 pm… just don’t forget to RSVP.

Come along and craft with us: you’ll enjoy the magic of the hand-making an Italian design product, here in New York!

sofa crowdcrafting project: berto for manhattan