Meet Design-Apart!

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Meet Design-Apart

1. What is Design-Apart in your own words?

Design-Apart is an innovative platform that offers unprecedented access to bespoke Italian design. To create the perfect marriage of design and construction, we have hand-selected Italy’s top designers and manufacturers to create a revolutionary showroom in Manhattan.

A relationship with Design-Apart means you choose the level of service; from made-to-measure furniture, fixtures, and accessories to full interior transformation.

2. Why are you in NY?

As one of the world’s greatest cultural meccas and centers of innovation, we saw New York as the ideal location to debut the unique cultural experience that is Design-Apart. We wanted to create Design-Apart in a place where we could add to the cultural tapestry by creating unparalleled access to Italy’s finest designers and artisans.

In 1972, Italian design garnered world-wide fame thanks to a revelatory art-exhibition at the MoMA. We believe the time has arrived to present New York with another ground-breaking conception of industrial design: personalization. The Italian design culture is founded in the principle that every piece should possess a unique design, and be created with a specific intention in mind; and in turn that that creation should be precise and purposeful. Italian design maestros give their best work filled with pride and passion, and this was what we wanted to give to New York.

3. Who is Design-Apart?

Design-Apart is a collaboration of dreamers, designers, producers and manufacturers who have, above all passion. We all believed in this project since its inception and have proudly watched it grow to where it is today. We are design professionals with years of experience in creating innovative, award-winning projects in a myriad of fields. Together, with our artisan partners, whom we consider part of the Design-Apart family, we are excited to embark on this amazing adventure.