Paolo Ponti, the architect of ermesponti is in town, working with Design-Apart on a new NYC renovation.

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Paolo Ponti of ermesponti with Design-ApartPaolo Ponti of our partner company ermesponti does not talk much.

As the Italian Master Architect he is, he prefers to draw, prefigure and solve the natural problems that every site-specific project brings, to find the proper solution for each one, sometimes transforming problems into opportunities, like he did for our loft (for example the “Mondrian” wall paneling, of which we will talk later on).

In short: he’d rather let his work speak for him… but only when it’s finished. And clients, at that point, are… just as speechless.

Being part of the Design-Apart network, Paolo recently arrived in NYC to work with Design-Apart in a new apartment renovation.

The Italian Master Artisans of Design-Apart, once again, are asked to make of a renovation a fairly quick experience, always at a top-level quality.

However, this is a good chance to tell you a little more about Paolo’s company contribution to Design-Apart and – in general – about what these guys do from their base in Mantua for top-class venues all over the world, including yachts, villas and retail chains for Italian worldwide fashion brands.

Paolo Ponti at work Design-Apart

The first thing to know about ermesponti is how they work.

When you enter their place, you get the immediate feeling of what an actual Rennaissance shop can be, in the current days.

Architects, designers, carpenters – of ages ranging from the white-haired founder, Mr. Ermes, to the last 19-year old intern – all working together solving difficult interior problems with a end-to-end approach Steve Jobs would like very much.

As a matter of fact, their way of working is so peculiar – similar to en ecosystem where talent, experience, knowledge of materials, vision – they felt the need to sum it up in the ermesponti method, which is well described in this short video:

Paolo and his team are not new to jobs in New York, nevertheless we’d like to remind everyone that when our loft renovation was done, last year, at the moment we all raised our glass full of Prosecco for the ritual toast, the local architect stood up and said:

There’s one person in particular I would like to thank: Paolo.

In this simple and effective way, even not saying one single word, Arch. Paolo Ponti was immediately acknowledged by the crowd with us that night as one of the key figures in the superfast and superefficient renovation of our loft.

And now, in the two images below, a little side-by-side visual of what was accomplished in just 4 months, prior to our loft opening in november 2013, under Paolo’s strict directions and schedule.

A miracle? No… Italian Artisans!

Design-Apart loft renovation in New York

Design-Apart New York Loft