Fondazione Ermanno Casoli

The Fondazione Ermanno Casoli realizes projects with the specific aim of instituting a real innovative and profitable interaction among the world of industrial production, the world of art and the territory through an interdisciplinary approach and the contamination of different areas of interest.

design workshopThe Fondazione Ermanno Casoli has been established in 2007 in memory of Elica’s founder, world leader company in the range hood market.
The Foundation has been set up with the intent of fostering a new relationship between the unconventional world of art and the more orthodox world of industry, by promoting initiatives in which contemporary art becomes and educational tool that contributes to improving environments by favoring innovative processes.
The activities promoted by Fondazione Ermanno Casoli are based on the firm belief that contemporary art, as an activator of thoughts, may contribute to breaking the traditional paradigms of common knowledge, thus allowing people to become familiar with a state of mind and emotion that may lead to the manifestation of unexpected possibilities. This makes art the most adequate tool for the creation of open and innovative environments.
All the activities that the foundation promotes are first tested in Elica, that thus becomes a sort of laboratory used to verify the results of activities that can then be introduced into other contexts. The Fondazione Ermanno Casoli cooperates with many enterprises that experiment in this way the benefits of contemporary art in their organizations.

The Foundation promotes projects that mix art and enterprise in order to trigger original processes of innovation, strengthen creativity and therefore social cohesion.

We see that the principal mass production’s long term effect has been the loss of personal contact between the users of products and who has produced them. In a moment in which people are rediscovering the Italian tradition of craftsmanship and the pleasure of “doing things well” it’s important to promote good artisan maestry and it’s important to make the public more aware of the magnificent work that craftsmen and tradesmen daily do. A sense of uniqueness that belongs to every handmade work and that has always distinguished Italian production.

fondazione Casoli workshop

In the specific case of Design-Apart the Fondazione Casoli’s principal aim is to promote the best of Italian craftsmanship through both tradition and creativity. The objective is to interpret the Italian manufacture identity with new applications based on an interdisciplinary approach, art performances, art exhibitions, photographic shows, fashion makers events of great impact, focused on details to present the excellences of the sector and especially to promote collaborations between production, art and design so as to encourage young people in innovating and bringing out new creative ideas.

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With this kind of events Fondazione Casoli offers to Design-Apart’s partners, exhibitors and operators the opportunity to get in touch with each other and promotes the classic and traditional core of Italian style.

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Fondazione Ermanno Casoli is located in Fabriano, on the Marche region border, in the centre of Italy. At the foot of Appennino, Fabriano is surrounded by green landscapes and natural spaces. It is actually a perfect example of architectural and natural italian environment. Fabriano was an important cultural crossroads with ancient origins and traditions that still characterize this area. The  expression of these elements are recognizable in the  environmental values​​, in the changing of the rural landscape,  in the silent streets outside  the city, in the extreme kindness of Fabriano’s citizens.