AM Ricami

Meda (Monza e Brianza)
AM Ricami has specialized in the art of embroidery across generations, evolving from the hand made of the early days to the machine made of present.


AM Ricami is a three generation old family business, inspired both by tradition and innovation, rooted in the culture of hand embroidering, spreading its wings into modern design.
The Company’s background is marked by the performance of talented and accomplished women. Belonging to a close knit family, they shared the same sense of business and fascination for embroidery, which they passed down to their daughters. In time, much has been improved upon, but the transition from the frame to high tech machinery hasn’t altered the original mindset: AM Ricami is still run by women who own tradition and have a vision.


We embroider fine house linen, soft furnishings such as cushions and curtains, baby products, fashion items like clothes and accessories, logos and promotional materials.
Besides textiles of all sorts, we also work with leather: embroidered patterns designed for the furniture and upholstering industries, create unique, custom made pieces, as well as leather accessories for the fashion industry.
We constantly research new materials and products, in a quest to expand the applicability of embroidery as a means of embellishment and personalization, according to the best of truly Made in Italy tradition.

Embroidery is a form of art, and as such, it is inclined to finding new paths for expression.

Our mission is to support the process of providing unique and personalized items, from concept to manufacture.

We work with our clients side by side, understanding their requirements and researching for the best solution. We are experienced in assessing a project idea and suggesting the appropriate distinguishing details that will make it unique.
The entire manufacturing process is carried out in our labs. We have modern equipment for styling, embroidering, finishing and packaging and before delivery we quality check every item.



AM Ricami was founded and remains in Meda, a city in Brianza, Lombardy, not far from Como and Milan. Brianza is known internationally for its manufacturing and artisan craft producers, of furniture specifically. The ancient town of Meda developed around the monastery and Church of San Vittore around 70 AD and the name ‘Meda’ probably derives from the Latin ‘meta’ meaning hill or ridge. After centuries of social and political change, the region is on solid economic ground thanks to strong manufacturing and agricultural production.