B-Stone is one of Italy’s top producers in the granite, stone and marble sector. They’re unique for their balanced commitment to traditional stone-working techniques, sophisticated technology, responsible sourcing and environmental safeguarding.


Internationally and at home, B-stone emphasizes the value of artisanal traditions, hands-on production and respect for materials. The work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit of B-Stone’s founder Luigi Buzzetti remain hallmarks of the company’s business philosophy.

b-stone building
B-Stone natural stone facade

The company was founded in Monticelli d’Ongina in 1987. Initially, operations were small and close to home but with effusive customer feedback and continuously improving production techniques, the company’s reputation elevated quickly. B-Stone is a service-oriented business. They invest in research and on adapting new technology to meet the needs of their business, so that they are able to offer the best custom stone solutions for any project. It’s this friendly, direct service model that recalls the ancient artisanal ethos and differentiates B-Stone in the market.

B-Stone’s success has permitted them to redouble their efforts to provide diverse custom stone products, including: flooring, internal and external facing, baseboards, door and window profiles, bowls and basins, tables, stairs, and bases tables and fireplaces. Profits made from superior manufacturing tools and processes are passed off to customers in the form of labor spent on individual projects and coordination with a team of designers, architects and engineers to ensure finished products meet or exceed expectations.


The range of products B-Stone manufactures is extensive. Production methods, for marble floors, architectural accent elements, tables and basins, are guided by tradition and augmented by contemporary tools. Stones are selected for distinctive qualities and matched to specific functions.

B-Stone marble product
B-Stone marble product

Because B-Stone’s business is built on customer service, they’ve developed production procedures that include clients in every stage of production from design prototyping to installation. A team of technicians, architects and craftsmen support and guide a client through the various custom options B-Stone offers, ensuring ideal results.


Wise hands, open communication and top-notch materials are used along with contemporary tools and machines to create unique stone surfaces, features and furniture. B-Stone uses recent advances in stone-working technologies to offer customers more choices and to meticulously control the details of individual projects. Their commitment to service has yielded truly unique stone designs and contented customers around the world. B-Stone carries the torch of Italian artisan craft into the new millennium.

B-Stone typifies the Italian tradition of hands-on production and attention to detail, using complex technologies to provide customers an increasing range of elegant stone solutions.




Monticelli d’Ongina is a northern Italian town in the Emilia Romagna region’s Po Valley, not far from neighboring cities: Piacenza and Cremona. The area supports a variety of industries but it’s notoriously charming for its quiet beauty and ancient architecture. Idyllic roads, street-side cafes and artisan workshops are key features of the town and its surroundings. While connected to modernity, Monticelli d’Ongina retains elements of peaceful village life seldom found today.