Berto is an elite Italian sofa and home furnishings producer that specializes in custom orders and beautiful, robust designs. Their craftsmanship, mastery of traditional methods and technological expertise set them apart from competitors.


Brothers Carlo and Fioravante Berto started manufacturing leather sofas in Meda in the mid 1970s and have pursued their craft passionately ever since. Today, Berto manufactures sofas, sofa beds, beds, armchairs and other furniture. Their process blends sophisticated technologies and traditional techniques with exceptional craftsmanship, and contemporary functionality and design. Each piece is made using quality materials and adheres to meticulous design standards.

Chester Richmond in detail

Berto has a reputation for innovation and outreach and has remained a family company, currently in its second generation of management. Fioravante’s son Filippo now serves as Berto’s managing director but all members of both the Berto and corporate family contribute energy and ideas. Berto was one of Italy’s pioneers of web commerce, marketing and use of social media and remains a leader in the arena.

Filippo’s results driven attitude and commitment to developing Berto’s online and social networking presence have helped Berto develop a direct, personal relationship with a community of: clients, fans, followers and friends of the company. Berto is one of very few business to successfully use twenty-first century tools to distribute artisan craft products.

In January of 2013, Berto launched the #divanoXmanagua project with a local trade school and humanitarian group (the Brianza School for Upholsterers and Terre des Hommes Italia.)
A sofa will be designed and produced through a series of open, public workshops and then sold at an international auction. All profits will go to the Terre des Hommes foundation toward the goal of establishing a carpentry school in Managua, Nicaragua.


Berto offers quality furniture made from the best materials by an expert artisan team. Brianza, the region of northwestern Lombardy where Berto sits, is home Italy’s largest concentration of upholsterers. Many of these skilled, experienced craftsmen have worked together at Berto for years. Traditional production methods allow Berto to design and produce custom furniture to fit each client’s preferences and needs. Their catalog of sofas, armchairs and beds can be adjusted in size and firmness and are offered in over a thousand colors, patterns and leathers.


Advances in design and manufacturing technologies, together with skilled hands and creative minds allow Berto to produce exceptionally beautiful objects.

Berto delivers robustness in addition to beauty. They achieve this by selecting the right materials and techniques for each design. Wooden frames ensure longer life and durability under stress Chassis are reinforced by supportive elastic belts.

Some models, such as: the Condor, Tropea, Five and all the chesterfield designs are further braced by hand-tied steal springs. In elite furniture production, this process is called ‘spring side’ and can be an essential to a piece of furniture maintaining its structural integrity over long periods of use.

Before final production and shipment, each piece is tested in Berto laboratories. Trained personnel expose prototypes and custom models to repeat stresses, evaluating for sturdiness and durability. Berto uses goose feathers for stuffing (all products are certified by Assopiuma and meet ministry defined safety and hygiene requirements.) Buying from Berto is an interactive and rewarding experience.

 Wood used to produce Berto products is sourced from forests with controlled thinning regulations and ongoing programs for continuous reforestation.

Their experience and production standards come through in every detail of their furniture. Customers receive “product quality cards” with their purchases, which certifies the uniqueness of their item, displays the signatures the artisans who have helped create it and lists specifications, features and continued care information.



Berto was founded and remains in Meda, a city in Brianza, Lombardy, not far from Como and Milan. Brianza is known internationally for its manufacturing and artisan craft producers, of furniture specifically. The ancient town of Meda developed around the monastery and Church of San Vittore around 70 AD and the name ‘Meda’ probably derives from the Latin ‘meta’ meaning hill or ridge. After centuries of social and political change, the region is on solid economic ground thanks to strong manufacturing and agricultural production.