Range Hoods
Fabriano (Ancona)
Elica manufactures elegantly crafted range hoods that are equal parts functional and beautiful, leading a revolution in imaginative kitchen design.



Elica started producing range hoods in Fabriano in the 1970s and today has a worldwide presence with 9 plants distributed in Europe, America and Asia. Elica has earned a reputation for innovation and design excellence. They use superior materials and complex technologies to create truly objects of unique quality and diversity. Elica, along with a few other brands, pioneered the idea that necessary home features needn’t be unsightly or boring. Today Elica offers over 100 varieties of hood in every conceivable style: classic, modern, country, freestanding, wall or corner mounted, prominent statement pieces and hoods that blend seamlessly into a room’s architectural features. It’s status as an industry leader derives from the caliber of its products, its streamlined manufacturing process and amicable, productive relationships with its staff and partners. Elica placed first in the Great Place to Work: Italy’s “Best Workplace” category.

The company’s design innovation began with founder Ermanno Casoli, who devised a transportable range hood that could fit inside a briefcase and be taken to international shows – the model was updated by Tiarko Meunier and Giorgietto Giugiaro, who added distinctive interchangeable front panels. In 1987 the company partnered with Phoenix Design and Guy Tienot to create its celebrated Tamaya hood and changed the industry irrevocably in 1999 with its Wall Carpet model, produced with David Lewis, famous for his design of avant-garde hi-fi systems.


Its notable 21st century creations include: a customizable aluminum Castiglia Associati design in 2000, 2004’s Om, a square hood with a tempered glass window, Evolution Star in 2005, compact ventilating chandeliers, the worlds’ most silent hood in 2007, 2009’s Pescecappa, a design project with architect Gaetano Pesce, Bubble, a thermoplastic Stefano Giovannoni design in 2010, 2011’s Skin which along with its designer Fabrizio Crisà was awarded that year’s Red Dot Design Award. In 2012, then, notable models 35CC, Tiffany and Sweet, designed by Fabrizio Crisà, have been awarded with Red Dot Design Award, Good Design Award and iF Product Design Award.

Elica brought innovation into the kitchen and continues to charm clients and the design world with fruitful international collaborations.

In 2007 the Ermanno Casoli Foundation was established with the goal of bringing art and industry together. The foundation, in homage to the values of Elica’s founder, works to bring contemporary art into industrial businesses through a range of targeted programs.


Elica designs products that fit organically and efficiently into contemporary kitchens. A kitchen with an Elica hood is a place where culinary exploration can delight the senses without the unsavory accumulation of potentially harmful fumes and vapors.

Beyond choice of materials and aesthetic considerations the range hood is designed and tested for suction power, the amount of light it provides and noise (or lack there of) that it produces. Elica produces a range hood to suit the style and needs of any cook or kitchen.


Elica hoods installed in homes across the globe are all made in the same factory in central Italy and are designed and produced by skilled workers with a shared drive to innovate and appreciation for detail. Their expertise and passion is communicated in the quality of their work. Each order is tested for safety, performance, visual flaws and correct packaging before shipment and, once installed, Elica products are guaranteed by a generous and comprehensive warranty policy.



Elica is born in Fabriano, on the border of the Marche region, at the foot of the Appennino Mountains in central Italy. Fabriano is a green, open area, a point of intersection for ancient trade routes, the architectural features of which remain visible in the area to this day. Culturally, the city is warm, kind and conscientious of its environment. It’s a place where nature and industry work in harmony.