Lighting & Interior Accent
.exnovo is one of Italy’s most innovative bespoke manufacturers, integrating cutting edge technologies like 3D printing with artisan values and intelligent design. Their extensive product range includes: lamps, fixtures, interior accent pieces, accessories and custom jewelry.


Since 2010, .exnovo has been an international pioneer of 3D printing technologies adapted for fine quality manufacturing. Their unique design and manufacturing processes distinguish .exnovo amongst Italy’s bespoke producers. Their fluency with industrial 3D technology and its implementation have taken years to master; it’s the combination of this expertise with the skills and wisdom of Italian craftsman that allows .exnovo to provide customers with highly personalized, well-made products.

artisan 3d printing
Artisan art work: finishing touches

With nearly limitless design possibilities and creative flexibility, .exnovo remains committed to manufacturing beautiful works from the best materials, as well as innovative production processes. 3D printing technology and custom ordering ensure that no two items .exnovo makes are the same. .exnovo produces objects of practical use with artistic value. Its style is contemporary and unexpected, both novel and reflecting and/or reinterpreting historical designs and trends.

.exnovo’s slogan: “Signs of a new Civilization” represents its values and vision of: art in everyday spaces, cultural openness, green production, custom design, direct distribution, artisan craft and connected communities. They represent a fresh, promising and enriching future for manufacturing in Italy, and the potential for art, design, tradition and technology to fruitfully combine.


.exnovo manufactures lighting fixtures and features, a wide range of home accessories and many other objects using complex, precision technology to-order in small lots or for individual customers. It’s a flagship brand of the ‘3rd industrial revolution’ – a company that uses: technology, technique, materials and skills artfully, efficiently and sustainably. .exnovo balances continuously looking forward with a pared-down focus on quality, allowing them to create superior interior products.

Aesthetically, .exnovo’s style is symmetrically attune, elegant and light. They incorporate and reinterpret natural shapes and phenomena, from: chemical structure to planetary bodies, urban silhouettes, animals, bubbles and foam. .exnovo’s production processes are designed to minimize waste and pollution while allowing them to produce almost anything they or a client can imagine. Their 3D printing machines use a laser sintered material ideal for lighting applications, adaptable, tactilely pleasant, and completely recyclable.

Limitless design and creative potential. Production that frees the imagination from the constraints of molds, quotas and conventions.


.exnovo’s creations inspire awe and wonder at first glance. Their unusual shapes and materials have surprising, sometimes astonishing effects that delight the eyes and inspire curiosity. They’re able to produce these fascinating objects through the successful marriage of design, craftsmanship and technology, specifically, 3D printing. Sophisticated machines convert tridimensional CAD drawings into physical objects using lasers to solidify resins or powders, sculpting works of extreme complexity and precision, unimaginable before the development of this technology. The process, called ‘sintering,’ takes very little time and creates forms far beyond the limits of conventional machinery.

This approach isn’t simply novel, it eliminates the need for warehouse space and assembly lines and offers manufactures complete control, competence and versatility. It also allows artisan craftsmen to work in concert with a precision, reproducible technology.

3d printing design
.exnovo work surface area

.exnovo is a new breed of design company, placing: engineering, manufacturing and technological expertise at the service of Italian craft traditions and imagination. The designers at .exnovo are committed to adding value to interior spaces (homes, workplaces, boats, etc.) and are able to meet even the most challenging and adventurous expectations of clients without sacrificing quality. Clients can create custom items based on preconfigured specs, co-design with the .exnovo team or use 3D tech to realize ideas from concept to fabrication.



.exnovo is located in Trento – a beautiful northern city, in close proximity to Italy’s 3D printing parent company: HSL Italy. Trento is situated in the valley of the Adige River and its landscape is dominated by the Alps. Its storied history and vibrant culture make it a city of unusually contrasts and diversity. Trento has Roman, gothic, Renaissance and baroque features as well as influential contemporary cultural and research institutions.

In this cultural-historical melting pot, .exnovo has found the perfect place to develop new technologies while retaining the wisdom of Italy’s artisanal traditions.