Giovanni Casellato

Maser (Treviso)
"...being able to sell something that makes feel good who buy it is the best result for me"


Giovanni Casellato graduated in architecture at the IUAV in Venice. He works as a designer and a sculptor using iron as his main material. He has exhibited in some of the major Italian and European cities, also participating in the Venice Biennale in 2008, invited by the Ministry of Environment. Mentioned by Bank Aletti as a sculptor for investment art.

Cannes, cancello scorrevole in ferro laccatoTESTO

Giovanni searches within each piece for the fascination and charm of the “piece’s uniqueness”, working meticulously on the shape and on the finish in a way to value its natural aspect, sometimes combining other materials or by using a different oxidation and grinding process.

Biennale di Venezia, farfalla in fe e vetro, prog a Pechino per Ministero dell'ambienteTESTO


Maser is a bueautiful town of the province of Treviso. Since 1500 this area was chosen by the Venetian noble families to spend the holiday. The temperate climate of Maser , sheltered from the north wind and the cold currents of the river Piave , offers ideal conditions for all crops , including olive, vine and cherry . The succession of hills, on which lies Maser , is the backdrop to the gentle landscape, open over the plains of the Veneto.