Riese Pio X (Treviso)
Milldue is an international leader in custom bathroom interiors. His founder, Mario Brescacin, has spearheaded the company’s commitment to handmade craftsmanship, quality production, custom service and design innovation.


The story of Milldue is the story of its founder, Mario Brescacin. His fondness for handcraft and manufacturing developed while he was still a child. During Italy’s difficult postwar war years, the young Brescacin would jump fences and run to the carpentry in his uncle’s workshop. Carpentry remains a staple of Milldue design.

Mario Brescacin Milldue Founder
Mario Brescacin in his laboratories

Milldue was founded in 1976, on the strength of Mario Brescacin’s operational and artisanal experience, bringing traditional skills and current techniques to bathroom interiors.

The company’s handmade, contemporary approach and focus on bathroom design set them apart from the very beginning. In their first year of business, Milldue exhibited their radical and eventually iconic modular collection: ‘COLLEZIONE 36’ at both the SIAE and Mostra Convegno trade shows in Bologna and Milan, announcing Brascacin and Milldue’s pioneering edge and artistic bravery. In 2000, Milldue reshaped its design and production processes to accommodate an expanded clientele and began distributing its specialized artisanal products around the globe.

The company has redefined custom interior manufacturing, developing new machinery and techniques to meet the needs of individual customers. Today, Brascacin’s sons lead the family business and the brand continues to evolve. The company has nine bathroom furniture collections, all customizable and adhering to elite carpentry standards, and industrial-level production capacity.



What distinguishes Milldue is its use of both traditional artisanal knowledge and state of the art technology to innovate and anticipate movements in interior design.

Milldue production bathroom
Milldue production area

Milldue sets the standard for quality and craftsmanship in their sector, while continuing to create custom pieces perfectly suited to the needs of individual consumers. Their bespoke production model and contemporary aesthetic exports the values and process of handmade Italian craft around the world.


Milldue employs sophisticated technology to model, test and experiment with new designs. The use of these platforms makes detailed bespoke production simple and exact, and allows the company to set and surpass standards of excellence and the creative limits of conventional methods.

Milldue uses technology to push artistic and manufacturing boundaries.



Milldue has had a close relationship with its home city, Castelfranco Veneto, since it began operations in the 1970s. Castelfranco Veneto is a small, walled city in northern Italy, situated in the Veneto region and Treviso province. The town’s fortifications were erected to protect Treviso’s castle and citizens from rivals in Venice and Padua in the late 12th century. Castelfranco is also the birthplace of the painter Giorgione, who developed and spread the definitive style of the Venetian painting school during the High Renaissance. In Castelfranco, and elsewhere in Italy, the features of the environment are reflected in the aesthetic and art of its people. The balance of architecture and natural beauty in Castelfranco Veneto is recognizable in Milldue’s warm, elegant designs.