Secondome is a kinetic, contemporary brand helmed by Italian architect Claudia Pignatale, bringing internationally established designers together with emerging talents and master craftsman to create stunning collections of interior design objects. Pignatale describes the brand as “ hard and pure.”


Pignatale and her husband opened their first concept gallery in Rome, in the Palazzo della Scimmia, in 2006. They featured a wide range of interior accent pieces, furniture and kitchen accessories and were a near instant success, soon expanding their catalog and commissioning limited edition objects.

Secondome HereandThere Tripod JaeunPark2
Tripod Vase designed by Jaeun Park

In collaboration with Benetton’s research lab Fabrica, and designer Sam Baron, Pignatale expanded and began focusing on blown glass. They moved to a new location on Via Degli Orsini and recommitted to the concept of a combination art/design space. Famously, out of this period came Secondome’s glass bells designed by Fabrica’s young creative team, unmatched teapots by Silvia Zotta and Alessandro Ciuffo’s silicone world map. In 2009, Secondome relocated again, to the Palazzo Boncompagni in the old city center and in 2010 exhibited for the first time at Art Basel in Miami and debuted their Cut & Paste collection of cross media furniture pieces produced with Dutch designer Kiki Van Eijk. Secondome went to the Pavillon des Arts et du Design in Paris and New York’s PAD art and design fair in 2011.

Secondome produces limited edition collections in various media, partners regularly with young designers and workshops, and exhibits its glass pieces (vases, paperweights, bowls, sculptures, etc.) in shops and galleries around the world. Their most recent collection features blown glass and oak. The company is more than a brand, it’s platform for discovery and steward of open-minded collaboration. Pignatale’s goal is to see Secondome become a major force in central Italy, connecting Rome inextricably with the international design scene.


Secondome works with the best materials, designers and craftsman, fostering artistic freedom and design innovation.

Cupcake by Myriam Maguire
Cupcake by Myriam Maguire



Secondome is based in Rome and is part of the lively cultural sector that compliments the city’s rich history – architecture, frescoes and institutions. Rome’s contemporary art museum, MAXXI, designed by Zaha Hadid, and a growing network of galleries and workshops celebrate ancient traditions and new ideas together.