The main idea at SERVOMUTO is to put together handmade lampshades employing their most classic shapes, with printed and unusual fabrics to create a new and unique mix.


SERVOMUTO are graphic designer Alessandro Poli  and architect Francesca De Giorgi, who together have been designing and producing lampshades since 2007. The duo is inspired by vintage forms researched from an archive that dates back more than 50 years, they then re-interpret the old style of lampshades adding unusual trimmings to salvaged materials such as army blankets, old velvet theatre curtains or screen-print fabrics, with innovative and provocative images commissioned from artists, with whom they collaborate.


Francesca and Alessandro research and collect authentic, antique fabrics, clothing and embroidery from the past, waiting for just the right moment and perfect shape to give birth to a new, astonishing lampshade which gives a flavour of times long gone and strengths of contemporary strata. SERVOMUTO also collaborates with other craftsmen such as carpenters, metal-smiths, electricians and decorators to create their projects, adding further skills to their own, thereby placing an emphasis on the value of craftsmanship.

In the collaboration process SERVOMUTO suggests practical and aesthetic solution to its clients, so that their ideas can become more than simply real objects, in addition they always exhibit a strong, personal touch, such that the completed lampshade is also the result of a dialogue between customer and maker. Key, winning elements at SERVOMUTO are their superb combinations of trimmings, outsized shapes and a use of strong images.




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