Techlab Italia

Corian Surfaces & Furnishings
Pavia di Udine (Udine)
Techlab's artists and designers work with advanced thermoshaping and 3D milling technologies to create custom Corian surfaces, furniture and accent pieces.


As a new company, Techlab has worked hard to provide top tier products and build supportive relationships with clients. After just a few short years they’ve established a reputation for being exhaustive researchers, innovative designers and one of the most adept Corian molders in Italy.


The core of Techlab’s business is in producing expertly designed, high-performing Corian kitchen countertops. The surfaces are flawlessly crafted using the best technologies, tested for cohesion and protected by a ten-year warranty.

tech lab corian top kitchen
Bespoke corian top kitchen

Corian is a versatile acrylic and alumina trihydrate material created by DuPont that is heated, fused and reformed into a variety of finished products. Techlab designs surfaces and furnishing for bathrooms that adhere the company’s aesthetic and quality standards and partners with specialized manufacturers and contractors to produce Corian: tables, chairs and art objects of various styles and dimensions.

Techlab are the artisans of the future.

Techlab uses Corian to re-imagine space, altering the character and features of a room with objects, horizontal surfaces and wall coverings. Any room can be reshaped by expertly designed custom Corian pieces. Techlab Italia is technology, creativity and the tradition of fit-to-order production at its best.


Corian Techlab
Developing new projects

With design, prototyping, testing and manufacturing under their roof, Techlab is able to control and guide production from concept to delivery. Prototyping is what Techlab does best and is the first and integral phase of their bespoke furnishings business. Techlab’s highly trained staff communicates closely with individual clients to explore possibilities and ensure that each finished piece is a precisely crafted example of the meeting of form and function. Techlab designers are artisans assisted by technology and bring equivalent personal care and passion to their projects.
Corian is an increasingly popular medium, appreciated for its: durability, flexibility and uniformity and because its non-toxic, hypoallergenic and chemically nonreactive. Techlab Italia molds Corian surfaces using thermoshaping, 3D milling and sophisticated dying and printing procedures. They work on projects large and small and the shapes, styles and functions of the objects they produce are nearly unlimited.













It’s common in Italy for a company to have meaningful cultural and historical connections to its environment. Techlab Italia as a technology-driven manufacturer based in Pavia di Udine, a satellite town of the larger city of Udine, both draws from and pushes its territory’s heritage forward. Udine, also notable for its ancient Gaul and Roman settlements, is located in the heart of Italy’s manufacturing sector, in the northern region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The area has a vaunted grape-growing and wine-making reputation and has long been a leader in home furnishing production, specifically chairs, combining traditional knowledge with new technologies.