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Pozzoleone (Vicenza)
Technogel is a patented high-end material and a manufacturer of Italian-designed mattresses and pillows that have helped people around the world get more restful sleep. A commitment to research and development allows Technogel to consistently push the industry forward and find new uses for its innovative gel.


Technogel’s mission is to make the world more comfortable, which it does by advancing gel technology and expanding its applications. Royal Medica saw the potential for Technogel back in 1990 when Bayer MaterialScience used the gel for a limited production of cushions for long-stay hospital patients. With the Instituto di Bioingegneria del Politecnico di Milano (The Polytechnic Bio-engineering Institute of Milan) Royal Medica designed a specialized cushion with precise geometric features that fully exploited the gel’s properties. A range of wheelchair cushions, pads for operating theaters and various supports for disabled persons followed. In 1997 the company expanded, entering the office furniture market and producing seat cushions, armrests and ergonomic computer accessories. Inserts and insoles for footwear came next and in 1998 Royal Medica partnered with Otto Bock GmbH and Technogel was born.

Considerable research and the hard work of Otto Bock technicians led to enhancements of the material, among them: reduced weight, transparency and color varieties. Technogel is now used in industrial vibration dampening components, automotive parts, restaurant and hotel furnishings, and even design and fine arts pieces. Technogel founder and CEO Massimo Losio is also an executive at Selle Royal S.p.A., a premier global name in bicycle seat manufacturing which, along with sister brands Selle Royal, Fizik and Brooks produces twenty five million bike seats a year, half of which are made with Technogel.

After successes in medical, seating and walking fields, the company followed a natural path in service of its mission to make the world more comfortable and focused on Technogel’s ultimate application: the sleeping environment. Mattresses and pillows are produced with a full layer of gel and are ergonomically designed to relieve pressure, regulate temperature and reduce stress. The Ergonomie Institut of Munich awarded Technogel Sleeping products a rating of “Excellent” and researchers in the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Turin have shown that Technogel mattresses help increase time spent in deep sleep and reduce lighter, less restful sleep.

Technogel’s U.S. division was established in 2010. It concentrates on the sale of sleeping products and comfort innovations for the American market.


After two-and-a-half years of work and research, incorporating feedback from consumers and retailers, in June of 2013 Technogel updated its complete line of Italian-designed mattresses. Technogel’s latest gel/latex model, Armonia, was designed to for a firmer feel, with the same pressure distribution and cool surface benefits and the same 90 pounds of biocompatible material. It’s signature luxury and classic mattresses Estasi and Sollievo have been improved and enhanced with a designer look zipper cover. They are stylish and scientifically proven to help you sleep better.

Clinically shown to help you sleep more efficiently!

The core of the every mattress and pillow is its patented gel, the only polyurethane gel made without plasticizer oils. It has been used by top-level designers and architects such as: Human Scale, Jacuzzi, Saporiti and Vitra. Technogel is also produced for medical equipment, performance bicycle seats, industrial components, restaurant and office furniture, and automotive parts and is manufactured in Italy and Germany.


The Technogel formula was patented in 1990 and has since been refined and enhanced.
Technogel is a “soft solid” material that both deforms in three dimensions like a liquid and remembers its shape like a solid. It’s a durable non-toxic, hypoallergenic, odorless, polyurethane material made without using oils or plasticizers. It has added comfort and other benefits to walking, sitting, sleeping and functioning with disability.
For sleeping, unlike a conventional mattress, a Technogel product is designed to: allow for freedom of movement, distribute pressure evenly, regulate temperature, circulate air and conform to and support each individual sleeper comfortably and completely.


In Italy Technogel is based in Vicenza, in northeast Italy, 60 km west of Venice and 200 km east of Milan. Vicenza is vibrant city with deep historical and cultural traditions, known for its: museums, galleries, piazzas, villas, churches and Renaissance palaces. Technogel’s German factory is in Berlingerode and it operates in the U.S. out of Pittsburg.