TM Italia

Kitchen: Custom Home
Folignano (Ascoli Piceno)
TM Italia builds ideal custom kitchens – expertly crafted and designed to fit the specific needs of the space and the people in every home.


Gianluca and Ares Tondi grew up in a family of carpenters. In 1998 they founded their own business: Manifattura Sartoriale Cucine. The Tondi’s mission was to be able to build artful, artisanal kitchens for every budget, lifestyle and taste – combining Italian craft-making traditions with contemporary technologies.

The customer has always been the heart of the Tondi’s business. TM Italia is tirelessly committed to meeting every need, exploring unique design ideas and building truly bespoke kitchens, down to the smallest detail. TM Italia’s tailored home kitchens are: functional, emotional, beautiful, and built to the highest standards of quality. In a relatively short time, TM Italia has established a reputation for superior manufacturing and complete dedication to custom design.

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Boldly, and in contrast to the industry standard, TM Italia rejects the use of models and templates in custom kitchen design. They work directly with homeowners and designers to research, plan and create truly tailored home kitchens. Finished products are unique works of art, built to be: used, lived in, admired and enjoyed. Customers have a say in every material, color and texture entering their homes, and TM Italia makes sure to balance new tools and products with the artisanal skills and standards that formed the foundation of their expertise.

TM Italia is tirelessly committed to meeting every need, exploring unique design ideas and building truly bespoke kitchens, down to the smallest detail.


Custom projects present special challenges. TM Italia meets these challenges with innovative thinking and research teams dedicated to finding the latest and best products and technologies to solve every problem – functional, ergonomic and aesthetic. TM Italia is an innovative brand that builds from a foundation of respect for human life and health, the environment, the quality of materials used in its kitchens and the skills of the craftspeople that manufacture its products. Attention to detail, and an understanding that a kitchen is a vibrant and essential part of every home, produces remarkable results.

TM Italia is proud to partner with research institutions and universities. It was included in Grand Design Ethic’s International Award for the top 100 companies with responsible material sourcing, production, design and communication practices. They incorporate home automation technologies and clean synthetics like Petra and Fx Carbon in kitchen environments to efficiently integrate wireless systems, including: home internet, television, Bluetooth, email clients, etc. Among its certifications are: the ISO 9001 Certification of Company Management Systems for Quality and a 100% Made In Italy guarantee.


TM Italia is based near Ascoli Piceno, in Italy’s central Marche region. Ascoli Piceno is an ancient urban center that was founded centuries before Rome as a link on the Via Salaria, the salt road that connected western Italy to the Adriatic Coast. In the Middle Ages, Ascoli Piceno was a beautiful city, and passed under various ruling hands as conquering families battled for territory in the region. The Medieval markers and ancient marble buildings – made of a unique grey stone extracted from the local mountains, still stand in the city. Ascoli Piceno has one of the most beautiful squares in all of Italy, the: Piazza del Popolo, where the Tondi family spent time studying and appreciating the beautiful design and color combinations that are recognizable in its kitchens today.