The MAKING of our first NYC loft

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For the past 2 years, we have traveled across Italy in search of the best artisanal companies to bring to New York with us. What we experienced was something unique and valuable. From the first moment, we knew the story needed to be shared.  All D-A manufactures across Italy pour passion, work hard and care into all details. The culture, people, history and territories of our artisans are an integral part of your purchase.

So we decided to show and celebrate something that which normally is hidden and untold. We started by exploring the workshops, taking photos and creating a dialog with these amazing people who are often behind the scenes. The idea is to give our New York audience the opportunity to follow our story and to participate in the process of the MAKING. As a result, you will feel the way we felt when overcome with emotion upon experiencing such a compelling and heart felt process.

We believe it so much that we are currently working on a program that gives everyone the opportunity to visit the workshops themselves and to experience the best of Italy and Italians through our company family.