Ready for Rio 2016 with our partner .Exnovo!

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Today is the day.
Olympic Games are beginning in Rio De Janeiro and this year more that others we are excited to follow the games because our partner .Exnovo and our friends David Nosanchuck and Claudia Pignatale are deeply involved in these games.
The reason why we’re so thrilled about what will happen in the next 3 weeks is Casa Italia, the amazing house that will be the Italian headquester during the Olympic Games.
Claudia is the official interior designer of Casa Italia and she developed a project that matches perfectly italian traditions, design and innovation. Exnovo is involved as well as Claudia, because it supplied 20 beautiful Big Louie, the 3d-printed hanging lamp designed by David Nosanchuk.

We are proud to colleborate with these professionals and we find amazing the idea of having a real place that can showcase the made in Italy for Rio 2016.
Enjoy Rio 2016, enjoy Casa Italia!