The Design-Apart loft: a place where innovators meet. Thank you Mr. Favini!

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During our brainstorming sessions, prior to our loft opening in november, many times we’ve come across the concept:

Design-Apart loft should be a place for innovators to meet

Next thing we knew, we started receiving important visits from entrepreneurs, creative people, designers, visionnaires of all kinds…

We’re now aware that our place is a meeting point where Italian innovators can network and share ideas, be it a meeting, an Italian cena, an informal chat.

Are you doing research? Are you craving for a new concept? Are you creating a new way of doing things?

Then consider our home, when it comes to sharing your visions in a meaningful contest.

By doing so, you will join businessmen and entrepreneurs who are already living our home as their own, like Mr. Andrea Favini of  Favini Graphic Specialties, producer of the revolutionary Favini Crush Paper, made with waste residues of fruit and nuts, as you can see in the video below.

We’d like therefore to thank Mr. Favini for his visit, and share with you his thank you note and season’s greetings.

Carissimo Diego, 

I’d like to send these few lines in order to thank you for the very kind hospitality in “Design Apart”.

It’s been a great experience to receive my clients in this exclusive contest, and I had the clear impression that the informal, lively and friendly atmosphere of the house made my business partners feel at ease.

All in all it’s been a success, to be repeated. 

Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and to all my friends at Design-Apart.