The Importance of Camaraderie and Culture in Italian Design

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D-A workshop

Why is camaraderie important to the Design-Apart process?

Working together is very natural for us. We’re lucky because the whole team actually enjoys our work since we all believe in the project. We learn a lot from each other and I think we’re all aware that together we can do amazing things…and it’s much more fun that way!

When you work that closely with people and the team is well balanced, it reflects in the quality of the work and the end result. Clients can feel it too–they can sense the passion we all have for our work. They’re not just buying the product, they’re getting an entire experience that a lot of hard work and teamwork went into.

What is the main factor that distinguishes Italian design from other design cultures?

I would say that our designs are beautiful! And the way we naturally take care of all aesthetic details of the products is a unique process. Artisans in Italy are extremely talented, creative and imaginative; it’s something difficult to fully understand and appreciate until you see and experience the design process for yourself. Just like with music or any other discipline, the process takes time. You have to be patient, but in the end it all pays off.

We are very fortunate in Italy to be surrounded by such amazing works of art–architecture, sculptures and beautiful landscapes. For us, it’s natural to have certain perspectives on design since we grew up experiencing art and design every day. When we create something it’s part of our culture and history.