The new 3D printed lamp Affilia by .exnovo (Alessandro Zambelli design). A Design-Apart product development project, now enjoying worldwide attention.

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Are you an architect or designer interested in 3D Printing technology?

Here’s an example of why you should work with Design-Apart, the platform that enables designers to work with top Italian Artisan Masters, in order to customize your projects!

As a matter of fact, we are glad to share with you our producer exnovo‘s success on her presentation of the new 3D printed lamp Affilia, designed by Alessandro Zambelli and introduced at the Maison & Objet Paris Show just a few days ago.

While the lamps are enjoying worldwide attention (check-out DezeenMocoLoco and 3D Printing Industry just to name a few), it is worth noting that Design-Apart’s contribution to this project extends from concept development (which emerged during the Diego Paccagnella’s 3D workshop in early 2013) to showcasing (Affilia was first shown to the public at the Design-Apart loft opening in november), to exclusive sale for the US: the Affilia range will be soon available to order from the NYC showroom.

affilia by exnovo

3d lamp affilia by exnovo in the making


new 3D printed lamp affilia by exnovo