[Video] The German Pavillion @ the Venice Biennale in “The Guardian” top ten. Congrats ermes ponti!

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Biennale Venezia: Bungalow Germania

We always say that Italian craft has a top positioning in the world of manufacturing, on a global level.

Same thing must have thought the German team of architects in charge of the National German Pavillion at this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale: Lehnerer and Ciriacidis.

It is no surprise that – when it came to realizing the interiors of this ambitious project, the faithful reconstruction of the Chancellor’s Bungalow, an icon of German architecture built in Bonn in 1964 – they called ermesponti, the Design-Apart partner we have talked about several times for their outstanding handcrafting standards.

And the results of this German – Italian partnership (ermes ponti being the only Italian company involved in the project) are just as amazing as one could expect.

In fact, a recent article in The Guardian indicates the German Pavillion as one of the Top 10 of this year’s Venice Biennale.

Quite a result, if you consider that the National Buildings are 65.

In the following video-interview of the German architects, you can appreciate the many views of the interiors, in the background.

Congratulations ermesponti!